Official Launching of the California-Mexico Dreamers' Network

LONG BEACH - On Saturday February 4, 2017, the California-Mexico Studies Center (CMSC) convened the first "re-encuentro" meeting of the Winter 2016 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program participants after their return to the United States last month.

The re-encuentro gave the CMD Winter 2016 participants a chance to reconnect and reflect upon their re-entry to the U.S., but also, to participate in a psychological intervention with Dr. Maria del Refugio Valero Cuevas, head of a team of psychologists known as Horizonte Básico, which has provided the CMSC with therapy sessions for our Dreamers while studying abroad in Mexico.

Dr. Valero Cuevas' group intervention was an emotional, empowering, and much-needed psychological session meant to help Dreamers to integrate back into their life in the U.S., and to cope with their newly found emotions after their short, but meaningful trip to their country of birth Mexico.
At the end of the psychological intervention, the California-Mexico Dreamers came together to support one another and committed to form a 'safe social circle' that would embody the message of "nuestra existencia vale más que la políticas" (our existence is more valuable than politics); a defense statement to cope with, and resist the current anti-immigrant political turmoil.  Regardless of the status of DACA under President Trump's Administration, these California-Mexico Dreamers committed to move forward with various projects and programs meant to inform and create a positive impact on immigrant communities in both the U.S. and in Mexico.
Moreover, the CMSC, in collaboration with the Winter 2016 California-Mexico Dreamers, plan to organize and call upon participants from all four previous CMD study abroad programs to plan and develop the first California-Mexico Dreamers' Network Summit to be held on May 13, 2017.
Furthermore, the CMD's Network Summit will become the launching platform of the Dreamers INE Voters Credential Registration Campaign (Proyecto de Empadronamiento de Dreamers y Familias de la Credencial Electoral INE), the development of a California-Mexico Dreamers Mobilization Plan against mass deportations and the possible termination of DACA, as well as to continue to develop and promote Dreamers Study Abroad programs in colleges and universities throughout California and the United States.
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