Help Dreamers to Study in Mexico!

603e3c3a-464a-4e55-a50a-9ef262b1b358The California-Mexico Studies Center (CMSC) has launched the Marco Antonio Firebaugh Dreamers Study Abroad Scholarship Fund to raise funding to support the CMSC's 2016 Summer California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program.  The goal is to secure $62,500 in matching funds by June 30, 2016; in order to defray at least 50% of the cost to take at least 25 Dreamers to study in Mexico this summer.   To apply for the Fall and Winter 2016 programs, click Here  

Ethnic Studies For All

Sin Raiz (2015)

SIn Raiz youtube coverThis is a short documentary about the lives of 14 undocumented students (also known as DREAMERs) whose parents brought them to the United States since a very young age, some of them living in the USA for over 20+ years, and through a Chicano Latino Studies class/program at the California State University Long Beach, these students had the chance to visit their home country for the very first time. They were able to fly to mexico and come bac k to the United States through a special USCIS permit called Advance Parole. They were excited to fly "home" for the first time, only to find a huge cultural shock which made them question their true identity. Follow them on this journey.

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